5 Tips For Starting A Career In Social Media Today

Social media in business acts as an extension of the company itself. It feeds it and leads the clients to the business as a means to reach the very source of the need. It can be a very useful and powerful tool, if used correctly. However, things can also go terribly wrong with a company’s social media efforts. Here are six things to avoid with social media in business.

The best way you should do it is build a blog talking about something very specific around the niche you are promoting. This will help you get ranked in the search engines and thus gain more exposure for your CPA offer.

The real issue, as far as the LinkedIn account is concerned, are the contacts it has. When Eagle left, the company immediately changed her profile to hold the name of another employee and their photograph. This was what started the lawsuit. The company claimed ownership of the account, but was not claiming ownership over Eagle’s likeness or profile, just her contacts list, it appears.

While social media has given us a wide opportunity to check how our friends are doing, but gluing yourself in front of the computer is more of a distraction than helpful. When you spend countless hours viewing other people posts and checking your notification box, this can prove to be a hindrance to you working more productively. Unless, you are a social media marketing specialist, then I shouldn’t argue further. When your work has nothing to do with these personal site, then don’t get caught up in this so-called social necessity. See? There are many things that will lure us to leave our day-to-day tasks. Don’t get screwed Being too busy (with Facebook or Twitter??) doesn’t mean you are really being productive.

When doing social media marketing, be certain you respond to those who ask questions or comment. It can be easy to not see these things, so be certain to look especially for them.

Do not connect your personal and professional Facebook accounts. You probably don’t want your followers to social media profiles know too much about your personal life. If you don’t want customers or others to find you on Facebook, use a nickname.

Businesses are cutting back by not attending or postponing trade shows and conferences. This drastically impacts the goals of a sales team who may normally rely on these events to fill their pipeline, earn commissions, thus feeding their family & paying their mortgage. Seeing a company make this decision, and then seeing same company has no presence on LinkedIn literally saddens me. When used to its fullest, proactively, and with proper etiquette, you will see your pipeline grow and sales soar. As a side bonus, your cold calling can head to the grave. Even those cold calling for 20 years tell me it is still the most dreaded part of their day.

Internet marketing is huge, and dare I say saturated, but mobile marketing is a segment that is thriving right at this moment. As long as you have a smartphone, you have a money making tool right at your fingertips. Don’t miss out on this. Trends only stay new for a while.