Know More About The Torque Wrench

Park the car on level ground to avoid tipping over. Use wheel chocks placed in front of the front and rear tire to prevent the car from moving as you work. Remove hub caps, if they are present, before you raise the car using a flat head screwdriver so as to expose lug nuts.

A flat tire is always a terrible inconvenience, but if you have breakdown cover either via your insurance policy or with an independent provider, it’s not quite so bad. You can make a call and wait for them to turn up and replace the tire for you.

The parts are not especially expensive but getting the old parts out and the new ones in can be a lengthy process. Given the nature of this type of job, it would also be a good idea to replace the front shocks while you are at it as the old ones need to come out anyway. If your shocks have 20 to 50 thousand miles, you may want to go ahead and replace them now.

When checking the coolant level make sure the engine is cooled down to prevent yourself from being burned. Use caution when removing the radiator pressure cap (if it is warm use a towel to open the cap to prevent burns). The fluid of the radiator should be full, if not top it off with a 50/50 mix of coolant and water. Some vehicles have gone to not having radiator caps and are just using a pressurized overflow bottle, if you have one of these you do not even need to take off the cap you can see the level through the bottle. Make sure you use the correct type of coolant.

The textured handle gives you a nice grip on the knife, and feels really good in your hand. The stainless steel pocket clip is easy on your pockets and replaceable with a Best Torque Wrench Under 100.

The drive belt is very important to check, especially on newer vehicles with serpentine belts. If your serpentine belt breaks you are pretty much stranded as this controls all of your components such as the water pump, power steering, alternator, etc… Take a flashlight and look at the belt make sure their are no cracks, if you see cracks it is time to replace. Most belts last about one hundred thousand miles.

The things I need to know as a man as a stay-at-home dad and freelance writer are completely different than the things my brother needs to know as a man without kids who grows his own food. Although I bet Dennis knew all 25 on this list.