Be The Customer: See Yourself As Your Customers Do

The start of good customer service does not walk in the door with the customer – it should exist inside the organization before the customer even enters the picture. It should be the foundation of the company culture and form the basis for interaction among all employees. Attaining such a culture in the organization starts at the top and sets the stage for more formal customer service training. It is an environment in which leadership and management set the tone and it permeates throughout the company.

The first thing that you should promote to your staff is engaging in conversation. This will help to build relationships, and the next time this customer comes into your place of business, they will be looking for the person who delivered to them the excellent Telus webmail outage. In fact, it may be even wise to hand out your customer your business card information so that they can keep you in mind the next time they need a service done.

Break your own rules occasionally. You will learn that there is not always one way to do something. By breaking your rules occasionally you may learn that you have kept a customer that may have otherwise left. It is important to make decisions based on each issue that is presented to you. This will enable you to keep your customers happy.

So make it a point to really listen to your customers. Make a commitment to treat all your customers well. After all, giving great customer services is one of the best and cheapest marketing tools available. When you treat your customers well, or even better, when you deliver beyond their expectations, you will be rewarded.

Be Clear: Use of headphones or microphones is a big No-No as it can distort your voice. Your job is to speak and listen. Speak with neutral accent, clearly and slowly so that customers can understand everything.

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Long term loyal customers cost your company less than a new customer. They will tell their friends about you. Price is not as much an issue for them as for new customers. Don’t forget your loyal customers when you have a new product or are offering a discount on your product or services.

As a matter of fact, you are trying to provide all these services so that you can make the visitors become loyal visitors. Remember, they may not purchase when they first visit your site. However, if they become loyal visitors. They may purchase sooner or later.