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Have you ever noticed when looking to book your next cruise holiday that there always seems to be two different options and it can get a little confusing?

Perhaps instead of buying presents you will make them, to save money and be more personal. Or perhaps you will donate you’re allotted gift funds for the poor or for the local children’s hospital ward. Better yet, have your family work at the food shelter for holiday dinner. I heard of families buying books and donating them instead of toys. Delivering puppies from animal shelters to seniors and even sending yummy food packages to our soldiers far away.

The Monday after Thanksgiving, known as Cyber Monday, there were 4 million online shoppers a minute. That’s right, per minute! According to a recent survey, 55% plan to do best holiday packages shopping online in 2009, which is higher than last year.

There are numerous websites where you can purchase airline tickets. From Travelocity and Orbitz to the airlines’ own websites. Don’t just check one website and choose the best fare there. Check several of the websites to compare. Also, if you find a great airfare on a discount travel website, double-check the airline’s website. Sometimes the airline will be offering the same deal on its own website without any additional fees the broker website may charge.

Expedia is at the top of the heap with cheap ski holiday packages that announce savings of 40% off. Travelocity offers you a third off its ski packages, and there are extra discounts to anyone who is willing to stay more than three days. There’s nothing new about this – they did something like this last year too. It’s just that the discounts offered this year are far more generous.

If you’re looking for a deal for you and your family, you can save a bundle. If you choose to rent a cottage with stove and fridge. You are able to save a large amount of money. You’ll be able to do it by cooking you’re own meals instead of spending money dining out.

The biggest thing you can do to remain safe during this or any holiday season is to use your head for something more than just a hair holder! A little common sense can go a long way to helping to keep you safe while you enjoy the holiday season.