Dealing With Overwhelm In Your Online Business – There Is A Better Way!

T.M. Harris, the author of “Time To Play Dirty” is someone I’ve discovered in the last few months. It seems as if he came out of nowhere onto the internet marketing scene. He is a real down to earth type of person and has a lot of awesome information to share, and in his new book “Time To Play Dirty” he does exactly that.

Each blog entry is shown in chronological order on a blog’s homepage but, each entry is in reality its own web page, with its own unique URL and title. So, an active blogger can create hundreds of keyword rich web pages in a matter of months.

Smorg: Help the golf spectators spectate better. What did you wish for the folks showing up to watch golf tournaments to know so that they can have a great time eye-balling the pros without getting in their way of scoring a good round?

blog are excellent mediums for sales since they allow you to connect and converse through the use of the content. You must realize that without a great content, your blog cannot fully achieve power and leverage against others.

Most important, write the content that spread virally and people will want to link to you automatically. This is the most important and effective method of link building.

Speaking of recent tax law changes, President Obama recently extended the college tax credit. If you have any children attending college this year then you will want to make sure and claim the new credit. The maximum amount for the credit was raised to $2,500, and can now be claimed for up to 4 years. To learn more about the American Opportunity Tax Credit, check out this entry on Roni’s personal blog.

Let your network marketing leads recruit themselves. Tell them all the ways that your program is the answer to their problems. Provide them with facts, figures, anecdotes, and testimonials. Let the information speak for itself, and then let the lead come to you to sign up. If they want it, they will be a better downline member for you anyway.

Obviously a blog without a good supply of content, isn’t going to do well commercially – it isn’t going to pull visitors to your site. Yes there are other factors involved in driving traffic, but I firmly believe your approach should be organic, first and foremost blogging is a way to communicate your ideas, the commercial aspect will follow. If you’ve reached an impasse don’t worry, take a deep breath look around you explore ways to rekindle your interest in you blog. Love your blog.