Effective Tips For Search Engine Friendly Web Design

You don’t have to have a website on web design to earn extra income as a domain name reseller. If you own a website, there’s absolutely no reason you shouldn’t try this. This technique works especially well if you have a site that is already making some money because you can use your success as a case study or testimonial to inspire others.

This process is even easier when you outsource all your work and pay $4 an article and cut your work time from a few hours to 1 hour of simply copying and pasting what your outsources wrote into WordPress and selling the site. Most paid internet jobs all promise such easy money with no work involved. Flipping websites does involve some work, but no technical skills are required, no seo services is necessary and no up front investment other than $10 for the domain name!

Onsite optimization. A professional seo company will not ignore onsite optimization. They will edit your META information, title and other HTML tags so as to improve your page rankings. In some cases, they will recommend you to revamp your website if they think that it is not search engine friendly.

If you do run into a snag there are the XSitePro Forums, an incredible source of information and assistance. Any time I’ve run into a challenge with a project or some aspect of the software I’ve been able to get all the help I’ve needed to overcome it, often within minutes and always within a few hours.

So what options are available to you? It might be worth asking friends and family members to see if anyone would recommend an SEO service provider. That could be a good way to get in contact with a reputable business.

As many businessmen would say “location” is key. That is true for websites too. The location of where you put things on your page determines a lot. For example if you had a logo for your company and you wanted to put it on your webpage, you wouldn’t put it on the bottom of the page. Nobody would see it; therefore you would put it on the top, so when visitors come to the site that is the first thing they see. This goes for ads and any other essentials that you want to put on the page.

If you have a free or low cost web site from the chamber of commerce, phone carrier, trade group, etc., you really only have a few pages on their site, if they change the rules or even shut down the web site, you don’t have a web site any longer, However if this is offered as a free service, by all means take advantage of it to direct more traffic to your main website.