Excellent Suggestions To Troubleshoot The Hayward Pool Pump Repair

Every body who has a swimming pool must keep it clean. This is where the necessity of pool pump repairs comes into the picture. There are several tools like pumps and filters that should be attached to the pool. So it is very important that you should properly maintain these tools. These tools have been designed to keep your pool healthy. So if they are not repaired when they are not working properly then the swimming pool will become an unhealthy place. It is very important that you should take care of the pool pumps so that they could run properly for years.

The more use your pool gets, the more often you’ll need to do a complete filtration. Because pool pumps are measured in gallons per minute, multiply the time by 60 to convert it to minutes.

As a rule of thumb, try to use filtration products like pumps, filters and controllers from the same brand. Incompatibility issues tend to arise when trying to combine controllers, filters and pumps from different companies. For example, use a Hayward pump with a matching D.E filter and control panel.

The size of the pool is a significant factor in selecting your pump. An oversized pump can be dangerous especially for children as it creates swirling of water in the pool. It can also be uncomfortable if you just want to take a dip and relax in your pool. On the other hand, a pump too small for your pool is not effective as it takes more cycles, time and energy to circulate and filter pool water. It is recommended that you consult with swimming pool professionals or dealers in properly sizing your above ground Venice Pool Repair Company.

Every pump has a certain capability level that lets you know how much water it can circulate. It is absolutely critical to note the pump’s circulation ability and see how much it can pump either by the minute or by the hour. One general rule of thumb that many pool owners use is that a residential pool should be able to circulate its entire water contents in ten hours or less.

The other portion of the mechanical shaft seal (rotating part with the spring) goes onto the motor shaft. This is only after the motor bracket is bolted back in place. You must use extreme care here because you don’t want to damage, scratch or dirty the faces of your new mechanical seal.

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The motor comes from the factory wired for 230 volts. Be Careful! If you do not know the voltage that your system is wired for (230V vs. 115V), make sure you have a licensed electrician do the wiring for you. The one thing I did not like was the difficulty in wiring the motor. The connections were difficult to wire (space constraints) and I had an electrician wire my motor. The paperwork with the unit states to use a licensed electrician, or the warranty is voided. Overall I am very pleased with this unit, and have done research on the Hayward Company. They have been in business for many years, and both suppliers and company representatives assured me that they will be around for years to come. I would recommend a Hayward system both for replacement or new installation.