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You should be able to buy a teenage boy a gift nowadays that he will use and appreciate without spending half your salary to do so. It is expected for adolescent boys to desire the latest technology and want to be equipped with the most high tech gadgets. But sometimes the funds don’t allow this to be reality. So instead of not buying them anything at all or going into debt how about getting him something that is affordable and that will be impressive as well.

A few of the other menus were locked in the demo making Free Play the only real motorsport option. I played the demo on my Dual Shock 3 since i have yet to purchase Move and the Sharpshooter. Button layout: LS/D-pad-move crosshair, L1 and R1-shoot and Square, Triangle, Circle, X-reload. The controls were decent. The curser moved on default settings pretty good. I had no problems pointing and shooting from any direction. Thats all you literally do in this game, point, shoot and reload.

Card Filled with Lottery Tickets: Say congratulations and have a little fun with the couple with the gift of gambling. Fill an ordinary money holder with a variety of scratch off or easy pick lottery tickets. Imagine if they won! What a honeymoon that would be!

I can’t conclude the list without adding Dave Chapelle. This Warcraft player has a cult of die hard fans due to his ability to make his audience burst in laughter.

However, in order for you to level up and accumulate the needed gold, you need to take on several quests and kill tons of monsters. More often than not, you will spend many hours grinding, farming and taking on useless quests just to level up or to earn virtual gold. Fortunately, I’ve come across and purchased a Zygor Guide that made my avatar level up at a much faster rate.

I suppose one can’t go wrong with something simple. A classic wooden Foosball table has an awesome retro vibe to it. It doesn’t stand out too much, but remains a cool addition to any game room. Not everyone wants simple, though. Foosball tables are an investment, so some people might look for something a little more modern or flashy. This style of table reminds me of playing Foosball as a kid, so I recommend for households with children.

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