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At the primary entrance of “The Taste” at Grant Park, (Michigan Avenue and Congress Generate), I converged on a sea of strolling folks taking in all there was in sight: endless stands of scrumptious food distributors, pleasant aromas swirling in the air, and the sounds of music blaring from huge speakers competing with one an additional from the 3 stages.

As quickly as you exit the bridge, you will behold a beautiful state-of-the-art outdoor structure like no other. The Jay Pritzker Pavilion is a live performance center with stainless steel (like the BP Bridge) ribbons that expands throughout the seating and lawn locations. The architect, Frank Gehry, did a phenomenal job making this function of artwork that turns a overall performance into an unforgettable experience. Gehry did the BP Bridge, too. The Pritzker Pavilion here.

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