Getting Back Together With Your Ex – Here’s How To Be Sure You Get It Right

You have a girlfriend or you are in a long term committed relationship. Things are going great, but you notice some differences in your woman’s mood. It may be that she is not that happy. What can you do to change this?

Initially, you would want to get the attention of the guy you are interested in. Contrary to what you think, that guys are attracted to super model type of women; well, of course they are; but it’s not really the looks that counts most, but how they carry themselves. This means self-confidence and self-assurance is what you need to project to this guy. How to do this – you need to take of yourself and focus on how you should appear to him. All that you need to do is jog your memory on what those physical traits that you, your friends and your family, like about you. Think about those qualities and start showing them off or simply highlight them for him.

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Since guys can tend to be a little slower in realizing the emotions they really feel, it’s better to let them set the pace. This way you don’t risk rushing or pressuring him which is a real love killer.

Post Miss Indiana, I decided I didn’t care how much I weighed, I just wanted to be happy. I’d eat what I wanted, when I wanted. I went through a ridiculously hurtful, and oh-so-overdramatic breakup, turned 21, and experienced the stresses of graduation, finding a job and moving away from home. The combination? I found every one of the curves I had worked so hard to shed.

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