Google Places For Realtors

In a vast marketplace called the Internet, there are some happy accidents. A few blessed site owners were just happily typing along, providing great content in their industry-specific sites and lo and behold, Google Adsense came a-calling. Not only that, Google liked their sites so much it even placed high-value ads just to show its appreciation.

Mailed advertising can work as the “Backbone” of your advertising. I’ve noticed that we get a better total result when we have mail going out at the same time as a series of radio commercials. There is synergy in multiple media advertising.

Unlike in Facebook reviews or newspaper ads, there is no limit to the amount of information you can include on your web site, or even on a specific page. However, potential clients are not interested in reading a novel about you. They want to get the information necessary to choose a good therapist, and they want it quickly.

PRO TIP 4: If your services or products are online, remember to ALWAYS leave a “for more information” clause with a phone number in the description. The reason the cross section of those who search online and shop offline do what they do is trust. Make it as easy as possible to get their questions answered by a real person, meaning no auto-responders or voice recordings!

You begin by finding products, or services, to promote with articles, and part of that research is to study the sales letter for what ever you’re promoting – the mistake is choosing a product that has a terrible sales letter. Go ahead and test out the product yourself before you start marketing it. Some people buy it, others ask for a review copy; but if you have no other recourse, then just stop bad online reviews on the product and then begin reading.

Your little town or suburb may be bigger than you think when it comes to jobs in music. Is there a local bar or pub that frequent books live entertainment? Could they use a booking agent or can you talk to some of the local bands that play there to be their representative or agent? Do you have a local theater that puts on plays or musicals? What about your local high school: do they need a choir, orchestra or theater instructor?

If you have specialized training or expertise in a particular area, your web site is the place to promote it! Think of the clients you are most trying to reach, and spell out for them precisely why they should go to you.

Even if you can’t be with your mom on Mother’s Day because she lives far away, you can still make her Mothers’ Day extra special with these ideas for Mother’s Day gifts for a long-distance mom.