How To Make A Used Car Feel New

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When I walked in today the teacher mentioned to me that he had had a substitute in class yesterday. This substitute happened to be a “spy teacher”. He told me about how the children made such a bad impression on his behalf. One child was cited as throwing things at the teacher while another was talking back. As usual the teacher reprimanded the children by yelling at them and punished them all to five minutes off of their physical education time.

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During playtime I came back to the classroom and talked with the teacher. Minutes into break the teacher next door brought in two boys who had been caught fighting. The teacher I was working with, filled with rage, violently pushed the two boys together and said, “Fight now!” Then she made them stand face to face for the remaining twenty minutes of playtime. She also told them that they would be skipping lunch today. I think this was the worst experience I’ve had in this school. I found it very hard to stand by and let her handle them like that but I was intimidated by all of the rage I saw in her. Her anger continued later on in the day when she slapped a folder on a child’s head.

For a few hours after school I started helping with glass painting. Kids Company’s goal was to transfer paintings done by one class of graduating eleven year olds to the glass windows in the library. The project has been ongoing for about a year now. Now they would like to complete the project by the children’s graduation to the secondary school. The whole point is to boost the self-esteem of the children and let them leave their mark on the school for years to come. I think it is a wonderful idea.

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