How To Tone Your Abs After Pregnancy – 5 Easy Steps To Get You On Your Way

Eliminate salt from your diet. This is probably the most important change you can make. The main reason why you will hear people say “I tried cutting back on salt and it didn’t do anything for my high blood pressure” is because they forgot about prepared convenience foods. If you start reading labels, you’ll find that just about all these items (not just salty foods like chips and crackers) have added sodium. Really, if you want to cut way back on salt, the best way is just to eliminate anything that comes in a box or bag from your diet. Eat natural foods, which will help your health in many ways in addition to lowering your blood pressure.

Most of the calories in nuts come from fats, but the fats are the heart healthy type. The only nut high in saturated fat (heart unhealthy type) is the coconut. 95% of its fat comes from saturated fat. Two other nuts with a fair amount of saturated fat are cashews and Brazil nuts. The rest of the nuts have mostly polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats. In many nuts, the polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats are balanced, but several are loaded more with one or the other.

Cholesterol lowering tip #8. Salads are good but most salad dressings sugarcoated almond bacon bits croutons etc aren’t. Try to use olive oil, vinegar or lemon juice.

Frost the entire top of the cake. Place a pool of blood (red icing) on the cake, then add your body part. You can also had more spatters or slashes of red, if desired.

The best nutrient combo to eat for breakfast is protein and healthy fat. Getting these 2 nutrients with healthy food options for breakfast will provide you with ongoing energy for the day, they’ll keep you satisfied, and they won’t cause strong cravings later on. An example of a breakfast such as this would be a Greek organic yogurt with a handful of κουφετα.

Eat chocolate, but not too much. Some recent studies have indicated that 100 grams per day of dark chocolate can have blood pressure lowering effects. The researchers postulate that a component of dark chocolate known as flavinols is responsible. But remember, only 100 grams (around three or four ounces), and it needs to be dark chocolate. You’ll need to read labels, because most chocolate candy these days uses light chocolate. And of course, chocolate always contains sugar. So if you can’t stop at 100 grams, or you need to lose weight (100 grams of chocolate is usually around 500 calories) you’d probably be better off not to take that first bite.

(3) Use your blender. Smoothies are an easy, fast breakfast and they’re really good for you (as long as you’re putting the right things in them). A good breakfast smoothie for someone starting a raw diet includes one orange, half a banana, a handful of spinach leaves, and a dash of vanilla extract. Add water and ice and voila! The perfect breakfast food. You can even mix all the ingredients ahead of time (except the ice) and then freeze the green smothie in an ice cube tray. In the morning, just take four or five cubes and pop them in the blender with water and ice. You’ll have breakfast done in less than thirty seconds! Just make sure to chase it with a handful of nuts, or you’ll be hungry before you know it.