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Does the term CPAP ring a bell? It should, literally and figuratively, because suffering from sleep deprivation can cause symptoms that make it seem that you’re inside a ringing bell. On the other hand, Continuous Positive Airway Pressure therapy or CPAP can use methods such as CPAP full-face masks to keep you asleep until your alarm clock rings, buzzes, or cockle-doodle-doo’s.

False. The misconception is you have to spend all your money to qualify for Medi-Cal. This isn’t always true. You may be able to protect your assets by utilizing different legal trusts such as special needs trust, irrevocable trust or a revocable living trust. However, once qualified for Medi-Cal, there are limited long-term care options.

I learned to let go. As my illness progressed, I no longer could work. I stopped doing mpihomecare, cooking, and financial management. My husband filled in more and more. He was taking on the role of caregiver. I’m an independent cuss. I didn’t let go of skills or independence graciously. My relationships with my family and particularly with my husband were stressed.

I should say that I was “One of the fortunate ones.” My oldest daughter became my caregiver after my last (for nearly three years) live-in caregiver departed to be closer to her own six children, leaving me with plenty of disposable briefs “High,” and “Thank God, dry!” While she offered to take me with her, I declined. Actually, I thank my maker for both of my caregiver experiences.

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The CPAP machine typically has the dimensions of a shoebox, but it can be even smaller than that. Meanwhile, a bendable tube links the machine with a type of interface device, such as CPAP full-face masks. You must then wear the mask atop your mouth and nose.

No one can ever say that it is too late to start thinking about wellness and natural solutions to health. One can have everything that is needed to keep a family safe and healthy. This of course means satisfaction and happiness.