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As with all vitamins and minerals, you can get them in the pill form. It’s not a bad idea to get Flinstone chewables or gummies for your kids though ingesting nutrients in food form leads to better absorption. Additionally, foods that naturally contain the nutrients instead of being fortified generally lead to better absorption as well. So if you’re hoping your kids will consume more calcium, it’s better that they drink a cup of milk instead of eating Iron Kids fortified with calcium white bread.

Sort the STASH!: It’s fun to put it all in categories such as chocolates, CBD gummies, treasures, huge ones, small ones, favorites, ones to trade, etc. If you have more than one child, encourage trading. Pick a couple of pieces to eat that night. Encourage moderation and listening to their bodies by asking things like, “do you feel full?” Save the rest for another time.

Be daring and unique. Don’t be afraid to add lots of colorful clothes and accessories to your rainy-day wardrobe. A cute umbrella with a matching pair of brightly colored boots will certainly add more flare and pizzazz to your life. Choosing bright, cheerful colors will help uplift your mood and those around you too. You’ll be sure to get a lot of compliments when you stand out in the rainy day crowd.

Children love gummi hot dogs, pizzas, hamburgers, and French fries. These goodies look like miniature versions of the real thing, complete with all the fixings. Add them to the counter area and CBD gummies kids will pick one up each time they visit the store. Gummy sidewinder snakes are also a hit with children. A new treat that is sure to be a hot seller is the gummi lightning bug. This little guy actually lights up, while at the same time being edible. Adults and children alike will not be able to resist.

More classic is to have a family pictures decorated Christmas tree, you can put the family photos inside clear balls and hung them, or, if you want more originality, collect a lot of pictures from all your family, glue them to pieces of carton, add a string to the back and hung them all around the branches. Do not forget to write the names under the photos, so your children can learn about their families.

Next up to serve is Chef Hughes. His savory dish is a Popcorn and Seafood Cream with Bacon and Popcorn Wilted Greens. Simon thought it was “a bit of a train wreck”. His sweet dish was a Vanilla Popcorn Pudding. Chef Symon and Robert both love the pudding and the ingenuity behind it.

To capture the business lost by schools, add some gummi worms to the store shelves. Kids will flock to your establishment after school to get their sweet and sour worms they could not buy during the day. During summer months, your store will have a captive audience when active children come looking for their sugar rush.