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Videos are great for marketing your product or your website. You can even create video lessons or video courses to sell. You might be thinking that creating video content requires a lot of skill or a lot of money. In this article I’ll tell you how you can create a video using PowerPoint and a few free tools.

A video testimonial is better. Ok, the trust may not become much better, but at least to be able to see and hear a real person giving the testimonial can be more favourable. You can sometimes see video testimonials after a seminar for example. Members of the audience talk about how they found the event.

And we know it because Bing started it with their roll-over play-in-place previewing of videos on their video search page. No longer do you have to click away to find out if you will like the video from just the caption or the thumbnail representation. In fact, stats just released show that Bing has soared to #2 in video viewing on the Internet and the guess is it is because of the preview experience they offer! Google, in March, starting offering a preview of video with 4 previews of different parts of the video in organic video search results.

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You won’t need Games and fun to sign up for any kind of make money with video marketing course in order to get to grips with online video marketing. The better way is to have a go yourself or outsource it to someone who is able to handle video marketing.

There is no need to appear on the video yourself if you do not want to. You could simply narrate the words and convey your sales message that way. By speaking about the features and benefits of your service or product you are on the right road to make money with video marketing.

So the introductory part of the video should “excite” your prospect just by seeing it, so a or a snappy picture or something to get to the problem immediately is a good start.

Now get someone you fell comfortable with to ask the questions to you in front of a camera. You don’t need a fancy background. Just use your office or a place that looks comfortable and professional. Remember to smile, relax and have fun. It’s not that difficult once you get use to the camera.