Seo For Real Estate Blogs

One of the most frequent questions I receive as an SEO consultant is “what is the most important factor when trying to start a SEO campaign”. Many people have very different answers to this question but I feel the answer is quite simple. The answer to this question reminds me of the move “Field of Dreams” when Kevin Costner kept hearing the phrase “If you build it, they will come”. In the SEO world if you build quality, relevant, content the traffic and inbound links will come.

We have to follow guidelines and formats as carefully as a car maker has to follow how to put a vehicle together. If we mess up, we get a rewrite. If the car maker messes up they get recalls. You have to know what you are doing in order to succeed, and produce a good quality product. Sounds like a job to me!

My biggest writer’s rant is trying to prove you are gainfully employed! If you can speak to someone and explain, that is great, but have you ever tried to fill out something on line? The choices they give you for employment are so crappy you cannot figure out what to classify yourself as.

Another great way to get traffic to your affiliate product is with article marketing. With article marketing, all you’re doing is writing 300-500 word articles and submitting them to the article directories. Believe it or not a lot of people visit these sites on a daily basis and you can get a boat load of traffic by doing so. Here are the top article directories that you will want to submit your articles to.

Market Samurai – this is by far the best keyword research tool available on the market today, hands down. If you are building your site around a particular niche, and you dont know what keywords in that niche are going to bring you traffic and sales, then you really dont have anything. Market Samurai will fix this problem for you. So if you dont already have it, I suggest you get it.

Another key issue about posicionamient web girona is “Offpage optimization”, which includes all the strategies you can use to maximize your performance. This includes linking and using your keywords within the link anchor text. You may read all this strategies in his book.

For each page of your site you should have a minimum of 150 words. Within that text you should mention your number one keyword (the one contained in the Title, Description and keywords tags) between nine to ten times. Essentially, you want a keyword density of approximately 7/100 words without exceeding this number. These references do not need to be, nor should they all be, exact matches. For our site “minerals for sale” and the “sale of minerals” as well as other variations should be used. Less important keywords should be used slightly less often.

Summary: A web crawler is a computer program used by search engines to gather data and index and rank different web pages. To design a web crawler friendly website, one should be aware of the capabilities of the crawler first. Keyword is the key element that these crawlers look for while indexing the websites.