September Is National Preparedness Month: Store Water For Emergencies

Those who are not ready with emergency food preparedness could face terrible difficulties in adverse situations. The food shortage can make them weak and feeble.

Choose enzyme based cleaners if your pipes get clogged. These cleaners use natural bacteria to turn the sludge into a liquid, and remove it from your pipes. The enzyme cleaners typically are the best things you can find on the market.

Navigation in the high tech modern world is almost taken for granted. But cell phones and GPS devices are limited by battery life and are often not robust enough for some conditions. A good map of the area you’re in and a good pocket compass should always be considered, along with a powerful but lightweight monocular. Signaling for help may be necessary, and sometimes simple smoke from a fire can be life saving. Other lightweight lifesavers might be a survival whistle and a signaling mirror. You may also consider a personal locator beacon.

Mountain biking requires both stamina and physical strength so you need to do both cardio and strength training exercises. Aim to strengthen core muscles and try to train at least for 30 minutes four days a week. As always when you are embarking on a new training routine it is wise to check your general fitness with a physician or health worker before you start. It is also important that you make sure your diet is good. Add more fruit and vegetables and stay away from fried or processed food as much as possible. A healthy diet is essential to achieve the peak of fitness you are aiming for. Also drink enough water. Many people do not drink enough water to be healthy so aim for around eight glasses of pure water (not water in soft drinks etc!) every day.

You’re obviously intelligent enough to know that a good number of processed foods have an indefinite shelf life and they don’t spoil within a few days – something that is a trademark of real food. Oh yes, they may start out with real food ingredients. But along with it are added ton loads of chemical preservatives which just spoil the whole thing. Then they have to go through certain processes (bleaching, drying, heating, freeze drying, evaporating, etc.) and the last thing they would ever resemble would be your grandmother’s best home-cooked meal.

Prepare an Survival supplies supply: Buy a large airtight storage bin and stock it with emergency supplies. When buying food for an electrical outage, take into account your other preparations. Even if you have a generator, it may not provide enough electricity to operate a stove or oven. It will be necessary to adapt cooking techniques. Without a generator, cooking options are limited to grills or camp stoves. Canned foods such as stews, hearty soups, and pastas heat very easily with these cooking methods. Canned or shelf-stable packaged tuna and chicken provide excellent protein. Powdered or evaporated milk can be mixed with the water you stockpiled. Anytime you might have leftover packages of condiments from restaurants, add those to the bin.

A basic plan for survival includes these ideas and the successful implementation of each one. With them, and your wilderness survival kit, you will succeed. S stands for size up the situation. When you can, stop, check supplies, security, and for any and all physical needs at hand. U stands for use your senses. Haste makes waste. Think and plan. R stands for remember where you are. If possible, spot your location on a map. Constantly orient yourself. V stands for vanquish panic and fear. These are undesirable, will drain your emotions, and the ability to think clearly.

Of course, staying in your home and waiting for the storm to pass might not be an option if the government decides to issue evacuation orders. It is critical that you always comply with these proclamations and do not attempt to ride out the storm on your own. Make a list of relatives and friends who live a few hours away that you could potentially stay with under these circumstances. Leaving your home will be much more stressful if you do not have a destination planned out. If everyone you might stay with is in the affected area, then you might have to go to whatever facilities the government has set up to take shelter. Get your emergency food storage here.