Starcraft Two Zerg Strategy

Fighting in a Starcraft 2 Zerg vs Zerg mirror match can be a great problem when working with an similarly capable opponent. The key phrase right here is speed. Your success in this type of matchup will depend seriously on your opening build and how rapidly you can expand.

At nine/10 Supply, produce and Overlord and keep making drones, putting them all on Minerals. When your populace hits 15/18 create a Spawning Pool in your foundation. Build two more DroneX Pro Japan, then conserve up to place your Hatchery down. Send your Drone out early so you can build your Hatchery correct when you hit three hundred Minerals.

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Keeping your provide balanced with your resources is something that takes a little bit of time to get used to; however, it is crucial to having access to sturdy choices during the game.

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