Surin Islands – The Best Destination For Diving

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This is a truly a lovely place to dive in crystal blue warm waters where there is a wealth of sea life to enjoy. There are lovely coral and sponge reefs to explore.

One of the best excursions that a person can choose to do on a cruise is learning to diving st lucia. For a relatively small price a person can spend a day under the beautiful waters that many cruise ships sail to. Learning to scuba dive is not difficult and most people can do it as long as they do not have any physical limitations that would stop them. The scuba diving excursions usually last several hours and entail several different parts.

The scuba dives were great and the things I witnessed were pretty spectacular. I saw everything from giant trevally to reef sharks and lots of colourful coral and amazing fish just swimming all around you. Since the popular film ‘Finding Nemo’ the fish of the great barrier reef have been given new names. When you return from a dive you sighted Nemo as opposed to a Clownfish. Being underwater though is a life changing experience , it’s a totally different world undeer the surface and being neutrally buoyant is a strange feeling. Now I can safely say that I feel confident in the sea , equalizing my ears is simple so I think that I am able to start diving in other destinations.

My breathing was awkward and majorly restricted, that I assumed was what I had to get used to in the process of tightlacing. What I did notice was that the corset did not sit on my skin at the top. It was away by about half an inch, particularly noticeable on the sides. A flaw? I pulled in another inch. Still there was this gap. Pulling in any more was not feasible without major pain. I was warned not to push it in my early days. The gap worried me. I tied off the laces behind my back and walked around the hotel room. I felt exhilarated, feminine and very chic! I also realized that I couldn’t breathe!

Suiting up provides a good opportunity to talk over a dive plan with your buddy. Ensure first that you are both agreed, as a pair, on the aim and course of the dive, your entry and exit points, and your predicted maximum depth and time for the dive. Check that you both have the required amount of air for your plan (including a reserve for emergencies). Agree on who will lead the dive and on whether you will dive to the left or right of your buddy. Decide on all communication signals, including how and when you will signal for the end of the dive, and on what you will do if you become separated. Once you have agreed a plan, stick to it unless it becomes impossible to do so. If circumstances change during the dive, use hand signals to discuss how, as a pair, you are going to modify the dive.

If you want a museum experience, you can go to Arte Magico Huichol and the Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe. They are very important areas in the city. The cathedral is a must see because it is most Mexican family’s tradition to go to church and you can see how they do when you go in there.