Text Messaging To Get The Romance Back

One author who is currently very popular for romance novels is Stephenie Meyer. Her popularity rose largely due to the success of her Twilight series. Twilight is the story of a romance between a vampire and a young lady. While the books have been enjoyed by teens and adults alike, the movies seem to be geared more towards teens. Stephenie has written another deliciously romantic novel called The Host. This novel is less popular than the Twilight series, but is proclaimed to be every bit as good by those who have read it.

If communication is a key then listening is an art. Yes, it is. So listen when your spouse is talking to you. Pay attention to little things that your spouse says they like or they would want for themselves and buy that as a gift for them and see how your เซ็กทอย meter soars and stays there till the end of time.

Back to our main topic. Let’s look at Jeannie’s husband element. As you can see, Fire is present at the Hour Pillar, but unfortunately, Fire is weakened by the two Water and one Metal surrounding it. Therefore, we can conclude that her husband element is very weak.

Massages or rather sensual massages are a sure fire way to keep the fire burning. So offer foot massage, neck and back massage or even a full body massage to your spouse and see the results yourself.

Saint Valentine’s Day is the occasion that you and your partner should find time so as to be alone, the time to take a break from the normal routine that is boring so as to do something romantic with your partner. This is a special day to have a conversation with your partner as if you’re dating for the first time. The kind of conversation that brings back all the romance, the chemistry that happened to both of you when you were first attracted to one another.

This is especially for the Rat women. If you are looking for Mr Right, this is the right time. For Rat men, be wary of flings and third parties messing up your relationship.

Well, those are the four criteria that I think makes a great romance movie. There might be others but these are the four main criteria and when all four criteria appear in a romance movie, it is almost certain that the movie becomes a commercial and critical hit.