The Leaves Are Down But The Music Keeps Playing Throughout New England

It seems odd that someone in the business of stress ball that people always seem to assume that the music themes stress balls have to be custom made to order. Stress balls are manufactured in over 1000 popular ways to promote business in almost every industry imaginable, including the music industry. Whether you are promoting a rock concert or a classical symphony concert and there are ways and action can and will promote your event in striking a fun way. Music-themed ball of tension in the past have been used to promote music stores, music, rock bands, soloists and a large number of events related to the music of others. Here I would like to introduce you to some of the most popular.

The group wouldn’t be complete without horns. Jay Davidson leads the way with his saxophone. He has worked with a diverse group of musicians from Cinderella, Whitney Houston, Levon Helm, Ricky Martin, Steve Winwood, the Funk Brothers, Amy Grant, the Four Tops and the list goes on. Stan Slotter adds his skills on the flute and trumpet. Slotter has recorded with Grover Washington Jr, Cecil Taylor, and Philly Jo Jones to name a few.

This is a beautifully crafted movie with fine acting, insightful direction, brilliant cinematography, and an artful script. The Italian locations are beautiful and striking. In its own realm of cinema, it is a superb production.

Second generation bass player James Jameson Jr. has been playing bass so well on this tour his Dad would surely be proud. He has followed his Father’s footsteps becoming an in demand session player. He has played sessions for groups like The Originals, Karen Pre, the Pointer Sisters, Janet Jackson, DeBarge, Aretha Franklin, and many more.

Speaking of newspapers, the Mercury News’ Andrew Gilbert in previewing the series spoke with Mingus’ widow, Sue. Her thoughts on the man and his music are illuminating.

The electric guitar Form: Popular rock bands good and bad! These promoters are ideal low cost to get your name out or give their fans something to remember you. If you do not have a website, print the page with his band of fans on Facebook or just your contact information. Of course you always look better printed with a logo so if you have a print, get it done!

Even TONY’s restaurant columns do the best job on which eateries are new. Its best bar issue is a must-read as is its issues devoted to cheapest places to dine. A new column “Drink Up” tells you which hip bars to visit such as Spitzer’s Corner on Rivington Street and The Bourgeois Pig on East Seventh Street. Its major limitations are its theatre and film reviews, which are about 150 words and lack the finesse of the Voice. But for what’s hip in NY, it’s TONY.