The Two Different Versions Of WordPress – Self Hosted And WordPress Blog

One of the most important tools that a blogger can have is an e-mail marketing list. Too many people miss the mark in terms of their blogs or online businesses because they try to bring people in without worrying about what happens after the fact. Gathering traffic is one thing, but the important key is what you do with the traffic. An e-mail address list allows you to keep tabs on the people that are using your site and allow you to send them information that keeps them coming in.

The key to internet marketing is constantly testing your results and going on the fly to change the course that you are on. The destination is always the same (success), just get comfortable in going with the flow and listen to your results so you can get there faster.

Well let me show you just how everybody else is doing it, as well as how you can start making a lot of money by doing the same. Its not that difficult to get started, in fact it is far easier that you would believe. If you can spare about an hour everyday, then you could be on your way to making a very good regular income.

Most websites make use of either PHP (4 or 5) or PERL, and use GD for manipulating images. Most hosting companies should have them installed. Check with them if you are not sure. They also normally come with other scripts which can be installed via their Control Panel. Scripts that may be useful include content management systems (Drupal, Mambo, etc.), forums (phpBB, SMF), see how long I walk (WordPress, Movable Type), and e-commerce carts (osCommerce, ZenCart).

First, you need to write for the audience. Don’t write about a product, write about a solution to a problem people have. For example, losing weight is a major problem that thousands of people all over the world have.

I did that by accident. I did the same thing by accident when I sent out the newsletter one time and left it in there twice, for the article writing article and the article marketing article. I left the resource box in there. You can use that whole article again to grow your list and drive traffic that way, and repurpose that way.

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