Top Tips When Choosing Your Wedding Videographer

Wedding is considered one of the most important event in a woman’s life because it is the time that she and her husband promised in front of God to love each other in sickness and in health.

Make sure to label each photograph. Write down the date of the wedding, the venue, and the time. Also include the individuals found in the photographs and their role in the event. You can also place narratives to enhance every page and every scene in your wedding, such as love quotes and motto. Use double-sided tape to keep the items in place.

Budget is really a hot topic when it comes to weddings, but this should not be the first thing that you let go of. If you take a look at other options, there will be cheap services from videographers. More popular choices often have a higher rate because they have already made a name for themselves in the industry. If you want to take the more affordable choices, then you should really search online carefully. There are so many options that you can look at. It is just a matter of looking at their sample videos and check if these will pass your standard. If it does, then there’s no problem. You just need to negotiate prices with them to still fit in your budget.

Make an appointment. ALWAYS. Always meet your videographer in person. A Wedding Videographer in Singapore is pretty easy to reach, considering that we live on a small red dot. Could the videographer answer most of your queries? You must feel comfortable with them and make sure they are not artists with attitude. I’ve heard of horror stories… A professional Affordable Videographer holds customer service in high regards, next to the perfection of their craft.

Watching these Wedding Videos is a great chance to see your special day on a different perspective. On your special day, you won’t have the chance to see everything. Getting it recorded is the next best thing on seeing the other events that you missed on your wedding day.

Case in point, I was shooting the photography for a wedding in a big, beautiful old church outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The videographer came in and set up two 2000 watt quartz halogen flood lights. Needless to say, it looked like a movie set, wires everywhere, so it was no surprise to me when the priest came in and asked to speak to Cecil B.DeMille. He told the videographer that this was a church and not a movie set.

Unless there is an extremely good reason for inviting your ex-boyfriend or ex-wife, don’t do it. It makes everyone uncomfortable. A close corollary to this is not letting members of the wedding party know what your betrothed’s name is (yes, it sounds unbelievable but it DOES happen). If you have not been engaged for a long time, or you recently ended a long-standing relationship prior to your wedding and your wedding party isn’t familiar with your intended, make sure you introduce them. You don’t want to deal with a wedding toast to you and your ex-girlfriend because the best man didn’t know your bride’s name!