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For some of us golfers, this is something that happens to us more often that we would like. You know what I am talking about. Shots that throw you off balance or aren’t as simple as instruction videos or professionals make them look. Here are some great ways to overcome the awkward shots.

You have to get your mind on board before your physical being can jump on and cooperate. My latest comfort zone challenge was being on camera for over an hour doing my own live webTV show plus all the videos to promote it. If I had tried to put my body in front of the camera without mentally preparing, my brain would have said what do you think you’re doing. We don’t do face time with cameras. We work on the other side of the viewfinder. Are you crazy? This is way out of our comfort zone. We’ve never done this before. What makes you think we can do it now? How successful do you think I’d have been if I didn’t move ‘star on camera’ out of the small impossible circle of safety and into the mammoth vacuum of space called the possible that exists in all of your brains?

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The game, which was televised on TNT, was ahead for most of the first half. However, the East came back during the fourth quarter after it looked like the West put it away leading by 17. This game has Travel blog been incredibly high scoring. In the end, the West pulled it out winning 148 to 143. In all, the All-Star game ended up being much closer than it seemed at times during the first three quarters.

Here are some ideas to ignite you onto the outskirts of your comfort zone and beyond, where life is richer, more daring, challenging, and fulfilling everyday.

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