Two Exercises You Want To Put Into Your Ab Workout Routine

The workout routine was the brain child of Mark Twight, the founder of Gym Jones. In 2005 Mark trained the cast and stunt grew for the 300 movie. He used lots of different methods and routines to get the guys in shape and have that lean muscular look. Even though the methods changed his philosophy remained the constant. Hard work and fitness… appearance, flat stomachs, and 6 pack abs are all the consequence of good fitness. Make someone fit and they will look strong and lean. That is exactly what he did to get the Hollywood actors to get the physiques of Spartan warriors.

Eventually exercising will just be another part of your morning routine – get up, brush your teeth, change your clothes, eat, and then exercise! You must get into the habit if you’re really serious about this!

Now this lose 5 lbs workout plan / diet starts with food. This means you need to start planning the foods you are going to eat. Eat only 2 small meals, 2 healthy smoothies and one snack a day. List the times when you are going to eat your meals. Now for the working out part. You will need to find a consistent time to do at least 30 minutes of fat burning circuit training at least 3 days a week. You should also plan on spending a day or two doing 15 minutes of fat burning cardio outdoors. Cut down useless activities on your schedule like watching TV and invest that time in exercise. Be consistent with your Motivation and inspiration. Do jogging, swimming and aerobics. Basically any activity that will make you sweat.

One of the best sources of protein is tuna and is very portable so you can take it with you to the gym. It might not be the best tasting but if you mix it with vegetables or chicken it becomes a decent tasting snack that is incredibly high in protein.

You can have a great golf workout plan but it all boils down to whether you are going to follow it religiously or not. A lot of athletes and not just golfers, fail to excel in their sports because they don’t schedule their workouts often enough. Others on the other hand, who have professional trainers who schedule it for them, don’t have the discipline and the drive to follow through.

I suppose you are still searching for answers to basic questions like, how many days do I have to train every week? How many sets to perform for each muscle group? What is the repetition routine like? How long should my weekly workout plan last?

After you have completed your workout, be sure that you perform the same stretches that you did before you exercised. You need to give your muscles a good stretch to keep them from becoming stiff and sore after you have completed the workout.

Thus, in order to increase your muscle mass, you need to continually lift weights heavier than the week before. You need to progress and do more than what you have done previously. That is the golden principle to any muscle building workout plan.