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Three weeks following the tornado that devastated Joplin, Missouri, hundreds of cats and dogs are still waiting to go home. Many of them will not. For many Joplin residents, there is no home to go back to and their current living situations do not enable them to have pets. Still sources say that some 200 cats and dogs have been reunited with their families, and owners who can care for their pets continue to look for them.

Willy says that the early days of the business were something of a struggle as each member of the family settled into the roles that suited them best. This meant that the business was not as efficient or profitable as it could have been. Of course, this is not unusual as businesses often take a year or two to find their direction as they test various systems and processes.

The Beethoven Maennerchor und Garten was established to preserve German song, music and language. It is one of Texas’s oldest German singing societies. There is no direct translation for the word Maennerchor, the connotation (meaning) is closer to madrigal or maestro (musician). Und Garten means “and garden” in German. So, one translation of the name could be The Beethoven Music and Garden. They are a 501c (3) organization, meaning a non-charity non profit donations. Any donations to them are tax free.

He/she may suggest taking supplements to help your hydration. One reputable local charities eye doctor suggested to take 2000 – 3000 mg daily of Flax Seed Oil (the vegan friendly choice for Fish Oil). It will take a few weeks to feel the effects but the results are promising.

This is not possible in all situations, but when it is, it will increase your sales by several-fold. The key word is trust. Doing business is not a matter of getting the cheapest deal or writing proposals with the biggest numbers. Doing business is a matter of building a relationship, of liking your customers/clients, and of having them like you. Now how does this relate to sales?

This option benefits both the environment (throwing away old vacuum machines is not safe) as well as your pocket. Of course, replacing a component is truly much cheaper than getting a new one. You could have saved $500 dollars by just buying a few bucks’ worth of vacuum cleaner belt. Ask for a professional’s opinion about your vacuum and get some recommendations.

All types of businesses are obviously in existence in hundreds of different industries and separate niche areas – but one thing holds true – you must have a business plan to drive your growth. But why have a plan after all, only half of all businesses appear to have created one. Here are 5 compelling reasons why a business plan is a must have tool.

You can start with the points given above to see how strong your current landing page is. If you would like to post your landing page in the comments for feedback, please feel free to. If you feel like you need a lot of work on your landing page, I will gladly direct you to people I trust and can recommend working with.